Admiring Autism, a Photography Project for Autism Awareness

Sara Dunn and son Frank, from Facebook

Sara Dunn and son Frank, from Facebook

Chester, UK – Sara Dunn has set up Admiring Autism a unique photographic project which will document families living with autism.

Sara’s son, Frank, was diagnosed with severe to moderate autism when he was 23 months old.

Sara began the project in October and now has more than 1,600 followers on Facebook.

She is supported by the National Autistic Society.

Sara is a professional photographer and said she started the project to raise awareness of what the condition is like to live with.

She said:

“I wanted to show what autism is like for different people because there is such a wide spectrum. There will be good weeks and bad weeks and I try to show what happens as closely as possible. It is a window into autism.”

Next year Sara is hoping to hold a multi-sensory exhibition in order to give people an experience of what it is like to have autism.

She added:

“We haven’t got a venue yet, we are still fundraising, but the idea is that if there is a picture showing the child distressed then there will also be strong light and loud noise to show what it is like having sensory overload.”

So far more than £800 has been raised.

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