ABC Australia’s ‘I Am Jack’ follows the life of a young boy with autism

Australian StorySydney, Australia — Australian TV network ABC featured the life of Jack Rogerson five years ago, when he had just finished primary school. Today, Jack, who was diagnosed with autism when he was a toddler, has graduated from high school and is now looking for a career in the hospitality industry. ABC’s Australian Story– I Am Jack — premieres Monday, Oct. 6.

Jack’s father, Ian Rogerson, was a renowned TV and radio personality in Australia back in the 1980s. Ian left his career to care for his son, determined to give him all the assistance and interventions needed to get him prepared for his adult life. While little resources were available for children with autism in the country back then, Ian and his wife were adamant about giving their child the best preparation for his future.

And their efforts surely paid off. Five years after Jack was first featured on ABC, he returns to the show with a success story, an attestation that children on the autism spectrum can reach their full potential when they are given sufficient assistance and provided the right intervention.

Jack’s mom, Nicole Rogerson, is now the CEO of Autism Awareness Australia.

The Australian Story: I Am Jack will air on ABC Australia 8pm on Monday.

To read more and to view a video about I am Jack, please visit the ABC Australian Story website here