14 Year Old Boy Accused of Murdering Father and Younger Autistic Brother

murderIdaho – Eldon Gale Samuel III, 14 is accused of murdering his father and brother. The Raw Story reports that he told a judge that the stress of his brother’s autism provoked him into a shooting and stabbing spree.

Eldon Gale Samuel III is accused of killing his father, Eldon Samuel Jr 46 and his brother, Jonathan Samuel, 13, on March 24.

Magistrate Judge Barry Watson told that when asked why he did what he did, Elden said:

“ ‘If he wasn’t there … we’d be a happy family,’ ”

The Raw Story reports that on the day of the incident,

‘Eldon claimed his father had been taking painkillers and shooting a pistol into the air outside while talking about zombies. When the father came back into house, he began shoving Eldon, who wrestled the gun away from his father before shooting him in the stomach. Fearing that his father was still coming after him as he crawled on the floor, Eldon shot his father three more times in the head; twice in the cheeks and once in the temple.’

According to the autopsy report, the brother was repeatedly shot with a shotgun and stabbed multiple times.

Based upon the admission of abuse, Judge Watson reduced the charge of first degree murder to second degree murder in the death of his father.

He faces first degree murder in the case of his brother.

The original article by Tom Boggioni on The Raw Story website can be found here