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May 19, 2015

disneyLos Angeles, CA – Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were sued in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday May 12th by more then twelve families with autistic children. The suit deals with a theme park program introduced year and a half ago by the House of Mouse for people with learning and intellectual differences such as autism.

This is the second time the families have filed seeing as the first lawsuit was dismissed last year. The families are seeking unspecified money that, according to the online news outlet Deadline, “Is no less then $4,000,” for violating California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act and common law.

Deadline also quoted the 425 filing as saying:

“The systems, policies and procedures associated with the Disability Access Service which Disney rolled out in October of 2013 were certain to create discrimination against Plaintiffs, and it was obvious that the community of persons with cognitive impairments would be harmed by the DAS…Overtly discriminating against Plaintiffs and others like them until persons with autism and other developmental disorders simply no longer visit Disney’s theme parks will likely end any potential disruption of the ‘magical’ Disney experience enjoyed by Disney’s non-disabled guests.”

The filing also contends that Disney cut the Guest Assistance Card program because it cut into their tour guide revenue stream not because of potential abuse of the system.

This not the first lawsuit of it’s kind to hit Disney. In 2014 one was filed against Disney’s theme park for similar reasons Andy Dogali from Tampa, FL and Hermosa Beach’s Eugene Feldman, who represented the plaintiffs in the Florida lawsuit, have decided to take this on as well.

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead.

Source:Disney Hit With Another Autistic Kids Lawsuit Over Theme Parks

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