Utah Valley University to open an autism center – w/video

Orem, Utah — As a state with the second-highest number of autism diagnosis in the U.S., Utah is in bad need of resources that would help cater to the needs of the growing number of children with autism.

At its current rank, one out of 54 children in Utah is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which means resources that help provide the children’s special needs are most of the time swamped with long waitlists of children either waiting to be diagnosed or waiting to get intervention.

This is why the Utah Valley University’s decision to open an autism center is of huge help to the families of children on the spectrum, who could not get the help that they need due to the scarcity of resources in the state.

The UVU’s autism center will be accepting enrollees for schooling and treatment for children in kindergarten through third grade, while other special needs students at the university will make use of the center as their study lab.

It is expected that many families and students will be taken off the incredibly long waitlists for treatments once UVU’s autism center starts its operations.

As of now, the school was already able to raise $3 million out of the $5 million that they need to fund the project, and many private companies have already pledged help.

Construction of the center is expected to start as soon as all the funds needed to build the center has already been secured through donations.

Those who would like to help may go to http://supportuvu.org/autism.

Source: Heidi Hatch in kutv.com UVU announces plans for autism center