October 16, 2014


Toronto, ON – A 22 year old man with Asperger’s syndrome demanded an apology from Doug Ford for remarks the mayoral candidate made in May regarding a group home for adults on the autism spectrum. More on this story and how Ford has annoyed many of his consituants can be read on Autism Daily Newscast here.

Evan Carter, a George Brown College marketing student, criticized Ford for stating that an assisted living care home for those with autism had “ruined” the Etobicoke neighborhood it is located in. Carter’s comments were in response to Ford previously stating that there had been an increase of local crime in the area since the group home had opened.

The Councillor then went on to say that neighbors residing near the home had complained and had suggested that it be relocated.

Ford’s comments drew the ire of individuals and families of those affected by autism  including Carter who felt that the remarks were both unfounded and discriminatory.

Carter opted to take the opportunity to voice his displeasure and demanded an apology at a recent electoral debate saying:

“I never usually get offended about stuff but the fact that you reduced people like me to animals and common criminals is insulting.”

Ford ultimately refused to apologize, stating that while he sympathized with Carter, he felt that the media had misled city residents with respect to the issue.

The original article by on the Global News website can be read here


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