Update: Kansas lawmaker seeks to improve insurance coverage for autism treatment

researcgersTopeka, Kan. — Kansas Rep. John Rubin says that he would like to push for modifications in the bill he himself championed for the expansion of insurance coverage for autism treatment in the state.

House Bill 2744, the law that mandates autism coverage of insurance companies in the state, was passed with a compromise between insurance companies in the state and advocates for autism treatment. The bill covers treatments necessary for children on the autism spectrum, but only about 20% of those who need the treatment is benefited by the bill.

According to Rubin,

“We’re going to continue on it. As with a lot of kind of significant legislation, there’s some cleanup that I think needs to be done.”

Rubin seeks to modify the regulation stated on the bill that requires strict licensure qualifications on who can provide the treatment. He added:

“I recognize it was part of the compromise to get the bill passed last year, but I just don’t think it’s necessary. I actually think it’s interfering with the intent of the legislation, to provide the services, because there will be fewer providers available.”

Rubin, who was re-elected in the recently held elections, said that he plans to push for the improvements on the bill in January, where the legislative sessions are expected to begin.

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