Twins Create Support Group for the Siblings of People on the Spectrum

Taken from the SIBS NJ Go Fund Me page

Taken from the SIBS NJ Go Fund Me page

Wayne,NJ –  23-year-old twin sisters Kara and Kristin Sellix have created a support group for parents and siblings of people on the autism spectrum. The group is called Supportive Initiatives for Brothers and Sisters in New Jersey (abbreviated SIBS NJ) and will meet once a month. The Sibling Leadership Network, a national organization that helps siblings of people with learning differences has designated this group to be the New Jersey Chapter.

The sisters hope that by talking to others with similar experiences they can brainstorm better ways to cope and, more importantly, see they they are not alone. As Kara told North Jersey’s The Record:

“The biggest thing this organization does is say outwardly, It’s OK, that you’re allowed to have these experiences.”

The group also plans to discus important issues such as how to deal with bulling, how to introduce potential dates to their siblings, and to give parents insight on what they’re dealing with everyday.

The group was inspired by Kara and Kristin’s sister Katie. Katie was diagnosed as severely autistic at the age of 3 and is now 18. She goes to New Bridges in Ridgewood in the Bergen County Special Services School District and will continue until she’s 21. The sisters hope that the creation of this group will prepare them for the possibility of one day being Katie’s guardian. 

The first meeting of SIBS NJ will take place on September 8th at the Wayne Public library at 8PM for siblings ages 13 and beyond. To learn more about this amazing group please e-mail

The original article by MINJAE PARK can be found on the North Jersey Record website.

The SIBS NJ website can be found here and a Go Fund Me page that can be found here