The Autism Directory Charity is Swishing for Autism

SwishingOn the 26th October, The Autism Directory will be holding the event, Swishing for Autism at The Little Shop of Calm, in Cowbridge, UK. What is swishing? The Autism Directory explains. ‘The concept is simple… you offer up our loved but no longer wanted fashion items and swap them for something else that takes your fancy. It’s eco-fabulous recycling at its best!’ All proceeds raised will go directly to help autism families. Nadine Honeybone, founder of The Autism Directory and mother to Tommy, 8 who has ASD, explains to Autism Daily Newscast about the event,

“As a registered charity we need to raise funds to support what we do and the Swishing for Autism Event was something we did in July this year. It was a great success. So we hope to now do this every quarter in the town of Cowbridge, south Wales.”

The Autism Directory, based in South Wales, is a charity that covers and supports the whole of the UK. This is done by Nadine and her team of 11 volunteers. The aim of the charity is to give help and support to autism families. The site provides an online directory of different resources and information that helps to signpost families to where they may need help and support.The charity goes on to say, ‘As a UK wide directory we rely on families, professionals and businesses to add entries to the site in order for others to benefit from that information. We do a lot of research ourselves however, we are based in South Wales and really don’t know what is out there locally across the UK.’The charity also provides autism training to businesses; this is with the aim of promoting an ‘autism friendly society’.

The charity’s website explains the initial reasons for setting up the website,‘When we were given the diagnosis we were completely unaware about autism. We knew very little about it, what caused it or what we could do to help our children. We felt isolated and alone… The Autism Directory aims to pull together all that is out there and signpost autism families to the help they need. It does not intend to duplicate anything but just to pull it all together in one easy to use website that can be returned to again and again to get information, support and help.’

Nadine Homeybee

Nadine Homeybee

Nadine further explains why she set up the charity.

“It was set up essentially because when my son Tommy was diagnosed at 2 we got no help whatsoever, in fact I didn’t even realise what help and support was out there. A few years later and talking to other mums I discovered all sorts of things that I could have done with knowing before (eg that I could get free nappies as he was over 3 and they were costing us a fortune!) Tommy is nearly 9 now (December birthday) although each year it still hurts a little when he doesn’t even realise it’s his special day. I hope one day he will understand.”

Nadine won the award of ‘Women Inspiring Women National Awards – Woman In The Community Winner’ in 2012. Nadine explained that she won the award for ‘her work in founding the charity ad getting it where it is today.’

For more information on the Swishing for Autism go here.

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