Tenth Annual Motorcyle Ride for Autism

DOWN RIVER, DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Over 200 motorcycles participated in the Tenth Annual Ride for Autism on August 2.  The riders raised money for various autism related charities in the local area.

The riders hope that the money raised for these various groups will provide social and other events for families with children on the autism spectrum. These social family events help raise the quality of life for both the person with autism and their family.

Autism Spectrum Disorders typically appear during a child’s first three years of life.  This is due to a neurological disorder that affects functions of the brain. Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders are on the rise and it is now the third most common developmental disability worldwide.

Autism was once thought to be a mental illness that had so many different factors involved that it was often misdiagnosed.  Today we realize Autism Spectrum Disorders are in a category of their own.  The ability to communicate is often limited along with a lack of social interaction and reasoning skills.

The range of Autism Spectrum Disorders can vary from minor to severe.  Each person’s abilities are as varied as their fingerprints, making this a difficult disorder to diagnose.

The original article by Dave Herndon on the News Herald website can be read here