Teen with autism rescues man trapped under car

Hamilton, Canada– An teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) saved his neighbour’s life after the man was crushed underneath his vehicle in a recent accident.

Chris Miller, a Cardinal Newman student, was home one evening when he heard someone yelling for help outside of his home. Miller’s neighbour, a mechanic, had been crushed under his car and the teen subsequently rushed outside to help. After seeing the neighbour’s predicament, Miller retrieved the jack and used it to lift the vehicle before first responders were able to arrive on the scene, ultimately saving the man’s life.

However the teen’s quick thinking not only prevented his neighbour from being crushed to death, it also resulted in the man only sustaining minor injuries following the accident as well. Miller’s act of heroism is even more poignant due to the fact that only months ago, the effects of blood clots forming in his brain resulted in the teen falling into a coma at McMaster Children’s Hospital where doctors were uncertain if he would ever walk again.

The youngster has since recovered and is bashfully downplaying  his actions and the attention he has been receiving. However Dean DiFrancesco, his school principal asserts:

“He is a true role model and we are blessed to be able to count him as a Cardinal Newman Cardinal”.

Source: Adam Carter on the CBS Hamilton news website: Student with autism saves neighbour who was crushed by car