Teen with autism meets Bill Nye the Science Guy – w/video

Bill Nye the Science Guy , image taken from Facebook

Bill Nye the Science Guy , image taken from Facebook

Richmond, VA – A local teenager with autism was able to realize a long-held dream of meeting Bill Nye the Science Guy in person.

Michael de Groot, who had included meeting the scientist and television personality as an item on his personal “science checklist” was ecstatic when he found out that he would be able to meet the man, whom he considers to be his hero and inspiration. de Groot’s sister Kelly was able to organize the meeting with the help of a friend, enabling the teen and his parents to meet the  scientist in Washington, DC where he is currently the CEO of The Planetary Society.

Many children and adolescents with autism have  an aptitude and keen interest in subjects relating to mathematics, computers, technology and science they often embark on a career in related fields later on. Although de Groot was happy to finally be able to realize his dream of meeting Nye, he reveals that he has several other items to check off his list, which include working directly with the scientist in science, experimentation and inventions.

However for now, the teen appears satisfied to have simply had the opportunity to interact with Nye saying of the meeting:

“It was so cool. He signed my lab coat and gave me the Planetary Society Badge.”

 Source: Richmond Boy With Autism Meets Idol Bill Nye the Science Guy