Support for man with Asperger’s goes viral on Facebook after store customer calls him too slow

Chris Tuttle with his sister Jamie Tuttle-Virkler.

Chris Tuttle with his sister Jamie Tuttle-Virkler. (From Facebook)

Clay, New York – Never underestimate the power of a “big” sister on a mission.

Chris Tuttle has worked at Wegmans in Clay, New York for the past 7 years. On Friday, a woman customer yelled at him for being too slow. Tuttle who has asperger’s was devastated and remained upset and stressed 10 hours later. His sister, Jamie Tuttle-Virkler, decided to try to make things better for her brother by asking for support on Facebook. The response has been unexpected.

Ms Tuttle-Virkler write on this Facebook Page,

“Do you know this guy Chris Tuttle? If you do, I need you to give him a shout out! He is my little brother and yesterday at Wegmans, a customer yelled at him and then in the middle of her transaction, left to complain loudly to a manager, came back to his line and he was so shaken, dropped a candle she bought on the ground and it shattered. Luckily the manager took him off register immediately because clearly he was upset. The customer’s problem? Chris was checking her out…TOO SLOW and she was furious. She yelled at him, the manager and anyone else who would listen.

‘Do you know Chris? He has Asperger’s syndrome. He is the happiest guy you will ever meet…

“What this woman doesn’t know is that 10 hours later, Chris told me the story as if it just happened, he was just as stressed and just as upset. She has no idea how damaging her actions were…to one person. Part of Asperger’s is the inability to move on, to not be able to wrap his mind around the fact that this woman isn’t worth it. To hear him tell the story, your heart will break. He doesn’t understand why someone would be so nasty to him and for him, he takes it personal.

“Chris deserves better and if he’s ever put a smile on your heart, could you let him know? Could you leave a comment or the next time you go to Wegmans, could you tell him? I want him to have a better day.”

At the time of this report almost 24 hours have passed but so far there are close to 6,500 shares and 6,800 comments and almost 45,000 likes.