Study reveals that adults with autism have hobbies that are similar to their mainstream peers

hobbyNew York, NY – A recent study suggests that adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have many of the same interests and hobbies as their mainstream peers.

The study, which was conducted by a graduate student at the University of New Brunswick, effectively serves to discount many of the stereotypes that currently exist regarding individuals with ASD. Henceforth while it is generally believed that those on the spectrum have highly restricted and specialized interests, the survey revealed that many engage in  hobbies that are considered typical such as watching television and listening to music.

Moreover, approximately over 75% of those who had been diagnosed with autism had 2-3 hobbies which indicates that contrary to popular belief, the majority of adults on the spectrum do not have highly restricted interests. The survey, which polled over 400 with ASD between the ages of 21 and 73 who responded to general questions regarding their everyday interests, was reviewed by Dr. Andrew Adesman of the Cohen Children’s Medical Centre in New York. He asserts:

“Adults with autism spectrum disorder experienced an interest in many of the same hobbies and activities that non-ASD adults enjoy.”

 The results of the study will be presented a the International Meeting for Autism in Salt Lake City this week.