Scottish Parliament seeks Autism Accreditation

CC BY by Bernt Rostad

The Scottish Parliament is seeking Autism Accreditation from the National Autistic Society (NAS) – this has been very much welcomed by Mark McDonald SNP, MSP who campaigns on autism issues.

Mark McDonald called for the Scottish Parliament to work towards Autism Accreditation in March 2013

Mark McDonald said that it is excellent news that the Scottish Parliament is moving towards securing Autism Accreditation.

He then added:

“It is essential that our parliament is as accessible as possible to everyone in Scotland and the improvements that are underway will help to ensure that people with autism will have their needs fully supported when visiting and interacting with the Scottish Parliament.”

He voiced his hopes that the Scottish Parliament will be able to secure the Accreditation quickly.

“It will be a significant achievement and will provide a positive example for other organisations in Scotland that do not currently have Autism Accreditation to follow.”

More details about the NAS Accreditation scheme can be found on the NAS website here

Mark McDonald’s previous call for the Scottish Parliament to work towards Autism Accreditation can be found here

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