December 23, 2014

samsungOttawa, Canada — Korean electronics giant Samsung announced Monday the debut of an app they specifically developed to help children on the autism spectrum improve their social skills. The app, called ‘Look at Me’, helps children with autism better express their emotions by assisting them in identifying facial expressions as well as establishing eye contact with the person they are interacting with.

Samsung recently collaborated with Autism Speaks Canada for the project, and will initially be giving out 200 Samsung Galaxy Tab S devices pre-loaded with the ‘Look at Me’ app to parents of children on the autism spectrum.

‘Look at Me’ was developed with the help of a number of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and cognitive psychologists.

On its ‘Look at Me’ app page, Samsung describes the project as:

“[The Look at Me Project is] designed to create a shared community to connect families with similar experiences. This project hopes to facilitate meaningful connections between parents, caregivers, and their children, as well as to foster connections between the 200 families selected.”

Samsung’s ‘Look at Me’ program is initially only available to Canadian users, but interested parties are encouraged to apply on the project’s dedicated website found here:

‘Look at Me’, which is still on its clinical testing stage, was first launched in Korea.

Source: Robin Sinha on the NDTV Gadgets website: Samsung Unveils ‘Look at Me’ App to Help Children With Autism


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