S.B. Linton’s “Teens With Autism” Book Review

Author S. B. Linton is renowned for writing writing books with the intention of helping children with autism in the through an array of lesson ideas and activities for the classroom and home environment. Linton’s most recent book, Teens with Autism: Apps, Ideas for Lessons, & Common Core Reading Connections for Teens and Young Adults with Autism and Developmental Delays, was published this year in hopes of helping teenagers with autism. The book is 52 pages long and features 120 iPad apps along with lesson ideas, and common core reading connections for autistic teenagers and young adults. The 120 mobile apps suggested in the text can be used in the classroom and comes with ideas for classroom lessons and connections to the common core reading standards in educational institutions.

Teens with Autism also features different themes, such as The Color Wheel, Arithmetic, Geometry, Getting to Know Me, The Four Seasons, The World of Work, On the Move/Community Fun, Common Core Reading & Language Arts Connections, and Mobile Apps. Each theme’s section of the text delivers activity concepts exclusive to the following topics: Following a Topic/Joint Attention, Visual and Performing Arts, Communication, Health and Daily Living Skills, Vocational Skills, Social Skills, Recreational Activities, Science/Sensory Involvement/STEM, Social Studies (History Geography, Government), Literacy Skills, Fine Motor, and Physical Education.

As the book is fairly new, published on July 20, there are not many reviews on it. However, Linton’s other books appear to be extremely helpful for those looking for ways to help children with autism at school. Teens with Autism could be a worthwhile investment for parents, teachers, or therapists, who want to explore new methods that could potentially benefit teenagers with autism. Especially since individuals with autism tend to be drawn to inanimate objects, the mobile apps and the lessons that go along with them mentioned in the book has the potential to be a highly important asset.

Teens with Autism is currently available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition format for $10.30 and $9.78 respectively.