Review – fatframe, the child friendly iPad case – w/video

Farframe imagefatframe – is a children’s iPad protection system for those children with sensory needs. Founder Alison Nicholson originally created this child friendly case for her own two young special needs children – Hazel 7 and Guy 6. The business is family owned and run.

Alison found from her own personal experience with her children that the iPad opened up a world that would be otherwise  difficult to access. Her son, Guy is non-verbal and did not communicate until he began to use the iPad. The first iPad cover they had was not protective enough and when dropped outside a restaurant onto the pavement it smashed the screen. When they purchased their second  iPad cover, this also smashed when dropped.

After researching the market for a  lightweight and bouncy design with easy to hold handles, they found that this type of  case did not exist and so Alison decided to design her own, hence fatframe.

I was lucky enough to be sent a fatframe case to review, or rather my little boy to review. Tom is 6 and has autism and he loves his iPad. So once I received the case I set about taking our old case off and popping the new case on. Now this is incredibly easy to do, as the below video shows, but just remember to take out the black protective plastic insert first, which I forgot to do!

How to insert the iPad into the fatframe case.

The first thing to say is that Tom instantly liked the case and had no problems holding and handling it. He seemed to accept it and sat and found the app that he wanted to open, so all good.

The website states that the case has ‘cleverly designed handles for little fingers to hold and transport’ and I have to agree, Tom and his older brother both find it incredibly easy to hold and navigate.

fatframe‘fatframe gives you peace of mind and super protection for your iPad when your little one is playing with it. Fatframe is soft and spongy, hard-wearing but bouncy, lightweight, chewable and easy to wipe clean.’

Once again I have to agree with the above statement. The main thing for me in an iPad case is that it protects the iPad and this case does. It was only this evening that Tom dropped the IPad onto the living room floor, which is laminated, he was sat on the couch, but luckily the iPad bounced and no harm was done. The video below demonstrates this perfectly.

So as well as the case looking good, being easy to pop on and being soft and durable, the material used is also non toxic. What is even better is that the fatframe can also be used with the  fatframe stand. Now Tom mainly sits on the couch to use his iPad but we have used the stand on a few occasions and I have to say that I am impressed. Once the case is inserted into the stand it is incredibly secure and sturdy.

fatframe picAll the ports are clearly accessible such as the on/off switch and volume control. My only slight niggle is that when you attach the charger with the case on, to do so the wire is bent due to the handle being in the way. There is nothing that can be done about this, but I prefer to charge the iPad with the case off so that the wire does not have to be bent.This however is only a minor detail and does not take away how fantastic the case is.

One mum, Kayleigh Denholm comments on the website:

“fatframe is a great product and truly works. My daughter with autism was at the top of our stairs. She threw it right down stairs and it landed face down on concrete. I was expecting a cracked screen but it was still perfect. 5 stars.”

I heartily recommend both the case and stand. I feel that the iPad is protected, is safe and most importantly child friendly, thank you fatframe.

fatframe is available from the fatframe website and Amazon. It costs £25.99 plus £1.99 P & P, and is available  in 2 colours – coral and blue. The fatframe stand is £14.99.

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