Research Autism – UK Charity dedicated to research about autism interventions

research autismResearch Autism is the only UK charity that is exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism.

‘We carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our goal is the improvement of quality of life and outlook for people on the autism spectrum and those around them.’

The charity was established in 2003 in response to calls from people with autism, their parents, and professionals who were working with them. They have established a robust reputation and work with leading figures in autism and research. Their aim is to provide clear and independent information on the effectiveness of interventions in autism.

Research Autism have commissioned and carried out a number of significant research studies. For example, they

“Helped to fund the first UK-based research study into the effectiveness of early intensive behavioural intervention. And we have provided funding for studies into sleep problems, into bullying and into self-injury in children.”

Research Autism also provides valuable and informative information about autism and the many associated secondary issues on their website. Information includes interventions, treatments and therapies for Autism, and Autism resources.

new hesley group logoThe charity also hosts a series of seminars and conferences. The next conference, Autism Plus: Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in Autism, sponsored by Hesley Group will take place on Wednesday 4 December 2013, from 9am-4.30pm at Senate House, London.

“The Research Autism ‘Lorna Wing’ series of conferences and seminars is designed for professionals, people with autism, and parents/carers. They feature leading expert speakers, and previous conferences have gained excellent feedback from delegates.”

The conference will be sharing seminars on many different topics surrounding autism and its many co-occurring conditions. Topics will include depression and anxiety, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They will be discussed in how they affect both children and adults on the autism spectrum. Approaches to diagnosis, assessment and interventions will also be addressed.

ResearchAutismConferenceExpert speakers will include:

  • Dr Helen Pearce, Consultant Psychiatrist, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Miriam Cooper, Clinical Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Institute of Psychological Medicine & Clinical Neurosciences
  • Jo Stevens, Director, NAS Healthy Minds Programme, UK
  • Professor Paul Gringras, Paediatric Neurodisability and Sleep, Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Janet Treasure, Consultant Psychiatrist, Institute of Psychiatry
  • Dr Kate Tchanturia, Reader in Psychology of Eating Disorders, Psychological Medicine, King’s College London
  • Dr Amita Jassi, Clinical Psychologist, National and Specialist OCD CAMHS, Maudsley Hospital

More information about the conference can be found here

The next conference in the series will be ‘Women and Girls’, taking place on the 6th March 2014.

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