Report shows that support for people with autism is a must

Wales, UK – At An event hosted at Senedd, a report was read detailing the research of The Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project. This project helped 1,766 young people with learning differences (people with autism included) from nine Local Authorities find employment and transition easily into adult life.

Led by Dr. Stephen Beyer of Cardiff University School of Medicine’s Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities, the project also sought to promote independence and to help those between the ages of 14-19 find jobs after completing education. Beyer presented the report and was quoted by Medical Xpress as saying:

“The Real Opportunities project is one of the few examples where significant staff resources have been used in an evidence based way to benefit young people and their families in transition from school.”

He also added the research’s goal is to find out what works best in helping people with learning differences get ready to enter the workforce.

As part of the project, 751 employers provided 1,210 work experience placements. Career Opportunities Project Manager Angela Kenvyn told Medical Xpress:

“This project is a prime example of how European funding together with collaborative approaches can benefit vulnerable young people in Wales. With the right support in place the young people have achieved so much and been truly inspirational.”

Assembly Members attended to hear the report.

Source: The Medical Xpress website: Report highlights support for young people with learning disabilities and autism

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead