Proposed autism therapy insurance bill unsucessful

Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle

Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle (Twitter)

Tennessee – Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle has revealed her disappointment in the Senate Committee for deciding against a proposed autism behavioral therapy bill.

The proposed legislation  would have cost over $200 million dollars by requiring insurance companies to provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to children and adolescents on the spectrum. Ultimately ABA is considered one of the most effective forms of early intervention therapy and has been empirically proven to minimize symptoms associated with the disorder, subsequently improving the overall prognosis for children diagnosed with it.
Yet when the bill was proposed, none of the Committee’s members motioned for it to be considered which frustrated Sen. Kyle who is now speaking out against fellow Democrats who didn’t  support the bill. In some instances Republican and Democrat committee members choose not to vote for a bill proposed by the opposing party which is generally accepted in the political arena. Therefore Kyle has revealed that her dissatisfaction primarily lies with Sen. Reginald Tate for his role in allowing it to fail. She states:
“He did not make a motion to move that. I would have thought he would have moved it out to have it heard, but you’ll have to talk to him about his thought process.”
Source:  David Boucher on The Tennessean:Expanded health coverage for autism bill fails in legislature