Program teaches kids with disabilities how to ride a bike

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Oklahoma – A local organization named iCan Bike provides support for families by teaching children with disabilities how to ride a bike.

The program is run by volunteers and gives help to those children with disabilities so that they can ride a bicycle independently. The ability to ride a bike is often taken for granted, as many people learn at a young age, by simply being taught through the help of a parent and a good set of training wheels.

However, children with ASD often have uneven minor and gross motor skills which make it difficult for them to learn how to ride a bicycle and engage in other physical activities that require co-ordination and balance.

That’s where iCan Bike comes in.

The program teaches 30 kids how to ride bikes in approximately one week. For 10 year old Samuel Maus, it has been a godsend. After learning to ride a bike in five days, organizers even presented him with his own set of wheels. Now the youngster has dreams of participating in the Tour de France when he grows up and has developed a newfound confidence in his abilities.

His mother told News Channel 4:

“Sam told me ‘now I know what it feels like to be good at something’. I can’t explain what that feels like.”

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