Police officer replaces woman with autism’s stolen bike – w/video

stolenbikeedit-620x310CHANDLER, Ariz. — A 23-year-old woman with autism found out several weeks ago that the only thing she depended on to go around places was taken away from her by a thief.

Candice Johnson depended on her bike whenever she needed to go to places or run errands. Not only did her bike help her get things done, it also helped her improve her motor skills.

Naturally, she felt devastated when she found out that her bike was stolen.

But one police officer wanted to make sure that she gets to go around in a bike again — even if it meant getting her one out of his own pocket.

It was Police Officer Ruben Sanchez who was tasked to respond to a call regarding Candice’s stolen bike. In Chandler, missing bicycles aren’t really that uncommon, but something about this particular bike that struck Officer Sanchez. He told:

“As soon as I heard the whole story it really did hit me hard, it really did, this little girl you know she’s a fighter.”

Officer Sanchez knew he needed to do something to help Candice— so he gave a friend at WalMart a call. Soon enough, Candice found that she got a whole new bike from him. Sanchez told:

“She was happy, she was laughing, she was giggling, she jumped right on top of it and it was like her bike never left.”

Source: Kristy Siefkin Fox 10 News Chandler Police surprise autistic girl with replacement bike

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