Podcast: Patty Pacelli: Autism mom shares ‘Growing up Autistic’

Patty PacelliPatty Pacelli, Seattle – Patty is the mom of a 21-year-old son, Trevor, who has high-functioning autism. She is the author of Six-Word Lessons for Autism Friendly Workplaces, and an editor and publisher with Pacelli Publishing.

She also advocates and raises funds for autism through her board position on the Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Guild.

When her son, Trevor, was 19 years old, he wrote a book about his own life experiences, Six Word Lessons for Growing Up Autistic. Patty learned so much about her own son’s experiences from reading his book. Now Patty and her family help other autism families with 5 more books, including, Autism Friendly Workplaces. She is committed to helping employers and employees succeed together in Autism Friendly Workplaces.

Learn more about Patty’s journey as an autism parent, her inspiration, and the autism resources that she recommends.

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