Podcast: Olley Edwards: Autism girls – Ending stigma and raising acceptance


Olley Edwards is a British campaigner for Autistic girls and women. She’s a published author, public speaker and a Film director.

Her latest Autism documentary is in the Cannes short film corner this month.

She has 2 Autistic daughters, ages 13 and 7. Olley is also Aspergers herself and works to end stigma and raise acceptance for the future of Autistic girls.

What is it really like to grow up as a young woman with Asperger Syndrome? Olley Edwards is a UK born actress, model and mother to three.

Listen to this episode of The Autism Show Podcast to hear more about Olley’s journey.

We discuss:

  • How Olley found out she had Aspergers herself.
  • Why Olley’s mission is erasing stigma for girls and women on the autism spectrum.
  • Why she doesn’t believe in leaving a trust fund for her kids.
    How Olley is spreading not only awareness but also autism acceptance through film making.
  • Olley also shares her new film, Epidemic of Knowledge which shows the process of diagnosis.

Listen to the episode below:

The Autism Show

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