Podcast: Mama Fry: Mom blogger shares Autism with a Side of Fries

mamafryMama Fry, New Jersey – Mama Fry is an autism mom blogger and social media personality who founded the blog “Autism with a Side of Fries.”

Autism is a trip she didn’t plan on but she sure does love her tour guide.

Autism with a side of fries is one mom’s story about living and laughing with a kiddo with autism.

Mama Fry is a suburban stay at home mom. She worked as an educator for 9 years with children on the Autism spectrum in a group home and in schools. Now that she has her own kiddo with autism, she has gone “Pro.”

Her blog tells the story of how a professional educator goes from working with children with autism to living with a child with autism – and it’s vastly different.

Mama Fry was invited to write a blog post about a day in her life caring for her child with autism for her local New Jersey radio station. To her surprise, the blog post went viral and since then Mama Fry writes regularly on her blog, Autism with a Side of Fries, to her worldwide community.

Listen to the episode to hear more of Mama Fry’s story (you’ll hear her dog make an appearance on the show too!). Learn more about Mama Fry’s journey as a Autism mom blogger, her inspiration, and her favorite book.

Listen to the episode below

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