Podcast: Anita Lesko: Advocate and Flying High with Autism Founder

anitaleskoDiagnosed with Asperger’s at age fifty, Anita Lesko has become an internationally published author, Autism Advocate, Founded the FLYING HIGH WITH AUTISM FOUNDATION, and is currently planning her upcoming wedding to her Autistic Fiance. Her new mission is to provide hope to others with Autism that love and relationships ARE possible.

What is it like to be diagnosed on the autism spectrum after the age of 50?

This is the story of Anita Lesko, a nurse with a flying fascination. So much so – she started the Flying High with Autism Foundation.

Hear more about Anita’s inspiring journey to start Flying High with Autism after being diagnosed at age 50, her work as an Autism Advocate while working as a full time nurse, and her upcoming wedding to her autistic fiance.

Listen to the episode below:

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