April 7, 2018

autismprojectPhiladelphia — Despite being named as ‘one of the best cities’ to live in for individuals on the autism spectrum in the U.S., Philadelphia steps up its efforts in making the city even better for its citizens living with ASD.

philly-ap-process-infographicThe city’s ‘Philadelphia Autism Project’ was kickstarted as the city worries that thousands of children with autism are now rapidly growing into adults— while the country is still with no concrete plans for their future. The project was aimed to tackle the underlying problems that individuals on the spectrum in the city are either already living with, or will likely live with. Important matters such as career training and social services were some of the focal points of the project, which also brought employers who are willing to hire individuals with autism on board.

Spearheaded by City Councilman Dennis O’Brien, the Philadelphia Autism Project held its concluding hearing Feb. 2, where the final and complete report of the project was released. The report included the identified problems that are either already existing or are imminent to individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as the project’s recommended solutions; including a central hub which will give extensive assistance to citizens on the spectrum, as well as their families.

Talking with Autism Daily Newscast, O’Brien said,

Denis M. O'Brien“My vision for the Philadelphia Autism Project was to create a citywide task force to examine the quality of and access to services and supports for individuals and families in Philadelphia who are living with autism. Our final report represents an action plan for Philadelphia to significantly improve lives. While many of the recommended initiatives might require significant disruption to the status quo, we are committed to making real change in our city.”


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