Parents urge government to open facilities and fund autism treatment programs

Oman – The parents of children and adults with ASD are demanding that the government implement measures geared towards assisting families responsible for providing care for loved ones with the disorder.

Presently, the country has only a small number privately held facilities providing treatment for individuals with autism. However, most are underfunded and lack the quality and quantity of treatment and expertise necessary to meet current demand.

A recent study indicates that although there are 3500 recorded citizens who have some form of autism residing in the country, only 1 in 9 children with the disorder receive specialized therapy of any kind.

Amidst mounting pressure, the administration has now approved a grant funding a study which will eventually serve to provide the information needed for officials to implement the appropriate reforms. According to a spokesman of the Diwan Royal Protocol speaking on behalf of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos:

“Help is on the way and the study will cover every aspect of the needs of autistic people of all ages. It will include specialized training for teachers, education, rehabilitation and sports facilities.”

For parents responsible for the daily full-time care for their children on the spectrum, such measures will equip them with both the services and support that they desperately need.

The original article by Saleh Al Shaibany can be read on The Times of Oman here.