Outrageous Ambition – disability and recovery social enterprise

OitrageousOutrageous Ambition, Lancaster, UK – In July we met with Simon Rudd, Founder of the disability and recovery social enterprise, Outrageous Ambition. Our article, Outrageous Ambition – ‘We Don’t Do Can’t’ can be read by clicking here

The message that can be read when you click on the Outrageous Ambitious website is as follows.

‘At Outrageous Ambition our idea is simplicity itself, we apply imagination and creativity to enterprise to meet the real needs and aspirations to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society.

Our approach is to develop enterprise so as to get people involved in activities that have a real purpose. Despite every individual being different we start with soft skills such as communication, team work, confidence, discipline, sense of purpose, improved self-worth.

The social impact of our work is measured in the health and well-being of those involved. Many disabled and disadvantaged people lack a sense of purpose, limited opportunities such as; lack of confidence; low aspirations; social isolation; depression and other mental health problems; limited skills and job opportunities.

Our work aims to tackle these issues by providing a safe and welcoming environment to develop the necessary skills to increase voluntary and employment opportunities as well as contributing to their local community.

Long Term outcomes are to create real social change by raising the aspirations of those involved with Outrageous Ambition. #WEDONTDOCANT’

OutCreativeWe don’t do can’t is very much the message that runs throughout this innovative social enterprise, that supports individuals with learning differences, including autism as well as those individuals in the community who are recovering from substance and alcohol misuse.

Lots of changes have happened since we last met. There is still the Outrageous Hub, which is a comfortable and open creative space. This is describes as, ‘our home is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s our laboratory for innovation and enterprise.It’s where we do, what we do.’

As well as working on a variety of website designs, all the work being done by individuals on the autism spectrum, Outrageous Ambition have now also launched Outrageous Creative. This is a social and creative enterprise that provides opportunities for creativity and social engagement, for the entire community. The first Outrageous Creative took place on Monday 26 January from 1pm-3pm in the Outrageous Hub.

Out rosesAt the moment, hand crafted origami Valentine roses are being made and will be for sale soon for £5 each.

Valentines roses can be bought from Saint Nicholas Arcade Lancaster Monday 9th February and Wednesday 11th February.

Lancaster University, Alexandra Square Thursday 12th February.

Alternatively orders can be placed on the Outrageous Ambition Facebook page.

All monies raised will be invested back into Outrageous Ambition – Disability and Recovery Social Enterprise; helping to create social change by further inspiring those involved in Outrageous Ambition.

This innovative social enterprise are also working on a ground breaking project with International students from Lancaster University Management School, to radically change the way they provide social care within the Lancashire area.

You can follow Outrageous Ambition on Facebook and Twitter
The website can be found here