Online videos help children with autism – w/video

Vancouver, WA – A new video series created by Gemiini Systems is helping children with autism improve speech. Gemiini Systems founder Laura Kasbar came up with the idea for her campy and the videos when her twins were both diagnosed with autism.

The videos work by showing a series of mouth movements on cue cards. “By having their brain stimulated by watching someone doing it correctly, their own brain is stimulated, the mouth starts to be stimulated.” Kasbar told KOIN 6 News.

A study conducted by Dr. Maria Gilmour in Portland area schools showed that these videos can do wonders. Dr. Gilmour told KOIN 6 News.

“I’ve seen decreases in behavior and increases in language sometimes in one day.”

It’s certainly working for 4-year-old with autism Asher Trigg.

Asher’s mother Taisha Trigg told KOIN 6,

“He’s looking at our mouth when we talk, and that’s different. He looks like he’s concentrating and really thinking about what we are saying so those are huge things.”

The family has tried many therapies, but these videos are doing the most good.

Asher’s Speech-language pathologist Lisa Melady agrees:

“The parents can help with that therapy at home to download that language so when they come to see me, I get to do what I’m really trained to do and what I’m an expert in,” Melady told KOIN 6.

Contributed by Audrey L. Holingshead

Source: on KOIN 6 News: Video helps kids with autism make big strides