October 23, 2014

image taken from Facebook
image taken from Facebook

Skokie, ILL – A local camp designed for children with autism is serving as a refuge and providing kids with the opportunity to learn and enjoy valuable new skills and experiences.

Rustic Falls Nature Camp was the brainchild of Eric Lentz, a married father of two who was battling cancer when he decided to create it. The camp has been a success and is considered to be a place of “peace” for children who wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy a typical camp experience.

Lentz selflessly spent his final years creating a space that has become an avenue through which those with disabilities and medical problems could draw strength from each other.He ultimately succeeded and the camp has been hailed as an inspiration by his children, camp participants and appreciative parents alike.

Lentz’s efforts have resulted in dozens of kids being able to enjoy family-oriented activities, socialize, and more importantly, have some good old-fashioned fun. Jamahri Moore, the brother of a camp participant asserts:

“It does a great job of bringing everybody together and having a good family time. I got to play board games with my brother.We never do that at home.”

The camp is free of charge for participants with funding being provided through the financial support of private donors.

The original article by Hosea Sanders on the abc 7 Eyewitness News Chicago website can be read here



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