Mother starts group for girls with autism

From Facebook

From Facebook

Durham, Chapel Hill, North California — Dawn Dudley’s daughter, Trinity 5 has autism and she decided to start a group just for girls who are on the autism spectrum aged from 2 – 6.

My Circle of Girls is a social and service group for girls living with autism aged 2-6 and encourages its members to build life long relationships as well as providing a supportive network for parents.

Tamara Hicks, whose daughter attends the group told Chapel Hill News:

“I want to give her what other parents give,” “I want her to know I love her, so I say it over and over.”

My Circle of Girls is for girls living in the Triangle area and will hold its May outing at Defy Gravity Trampoline Arena on Tuesday, May 6 with a post jump gathering after the event. Tickets to jump can be purchased at or at the arena the evening of the event.

You can find out more about My Circle of Girls over on Facebook

The original article by Mark Schultz on the Chapel Hill News website can be read here