Mother Designs Clothing Range for Children with Additional Needs

CAPR-StyleClaudia Romero, Edinburgh – is a mother who has designed a new range of clothes exclusively for children who have additional and special needs. Her son, Christian, has DOOR syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which means he cannot walk and has no control over his body.

Claudia became frustrated with the lack of clotting available on the market for children like her son and so started to adapt clothes for him.

She received lots of positive feedback and has now teamed up with a friend, fashion designer Bernardita Reyes, to form a new clothing company called CAPR-Style. Assisted by start-up support group Entrepreneurial Spark, they will launch later this month.

The store will be online and will sell a range of T-shirts, trousers, dresses and jumpers that have been individually customised for each user’s needs.

All of the clothing will be made in Edinburgh by a small team of seamstresses.

Claudia said a CAPR-Style T-shirt will cost about £2–£3 more than its standard equivalent and adaptive trousers will be priced at about £23.

The website will also include visual aids and instructional videos on how the clothing is best used and cared for.

“Word of mouth has been increasing, so people are increasingly expecting to find this kind of clothing out there,” she said. “It is something appealing, but it also solves the problems of the parents and the carers.”

The original article by KRISTY DORSEY in The Scotsman can be read here

The website for CAPR-Style can be found here