Lego League teens create app for children with autism – w/video

technology appsAmes, Iowa — Young teens in Ames created an app to help children on the autism spectrum for the Iowa For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Lego League championship. The competition, which was themed “World Class: Learning Unleashed”, featured 72 teams of children and young teens aged 9 to 14 years old.

After being inspired to help the young individuals on the spectrum that they know from school— including one teammate— the West Harrison Brick Masters decided to come up with an application that would help young individuals with autism calm down.

The team designed their app with the help of Cale Bryceson, an alumni of the University of Iowa and West Harrison. The team came up with an apllication that included breathing activities, games, and a black anger button that changes its color to blue the more the user presses on it.

Kasey Lewis, one of the West Harrison Brick Masters, said:

“[The app will] help with autistic people who get frustrated really easily.”

While another team member, 14-year-old Leah Millikan, said that the app is also aimed at helping those on the spectrum improve their learning. She told:

“[The app will also] help them improve their learning, because it’s hard to learn when you’re a little irritated.”

The West Harrison Brick Masters are hoping to launch the app on Google Play.

Source: Katherine Klingseis on The Des Moines Register: Lego League team creates app to help those with autism