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August 7, 2015

IKO Creative Prosthetic System
IKO Creative Prosthetic System
IKO Creative Prosthetic System – Core77 Design Awards (Youtube)

Umeå, Sweden — In an effort to help build the confidence of children in need of wearing prosthetic limbs, Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar of the Umeå University of Sweden came up with something that children of all ages will surely appreciate— Lego-compatible prosthetic arms.

Carlos’ IKO arms functions very similarly to that of the conventional prosthetic arms, but with a modular twist-and-lock feature designed to make it easier for children to assemble. It comes with a special motorized adapter, and it lets children create their own gripping attachments made entirely of Lego, which they can swap with the standard gripper that comes with the prosthetic limb.

Moreover, children with access to Lego Mindstorms can build and design gripping attachments that are just as useful and effective as the prosthetic limb’s standard gripper.

Carlos’ idea was to essentially turn the prosthetic limbs into toys to help empower the children, and boost their confidence.

“This Prosthetic system steps aside from what a traditional prosthetic is. It focuses in bringing a new mindset to the kid in terms of what the patient is able to do and incepts the idea of intelligence and creativity being strong drivers to move forward in life. The main concept of this project is to build and enrich the kid’s self-esteem through a learning, creative and social inclusive experience.”

Sources: Andrew Liszewski A Lego-Friendly Prosthetic Arm Lets Kids Build Their Own Attachments 
Design Awards corre77 IKO Creative Prosthetic System

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