Kickstarter helps fund film about young adults with autism aging out of programs

cinemaCalifornia – A new documentary regarding the lack of programs and services that are offered to young adults with autism spectrum disorder is currently being developed.

With key themes being explored including self-determination, the impact on the families of loved ones with the disorder and the government’s role in the current narrative, Aging Out offers promises an honest and straightforward depiction of the issue. Ultimately, both films and documentaries about ASD tend to be stereotypical with portrayals of individuals with autism often focusing on their journey to overcome the adversity that is inherent to an autism diagnosis.

Acting Out, however, seeks to provide viewers with a raw, honest and realistic perspective and delve into the dilemma that many face when they essentially become too old to be eligible for both services and programs. Hence Melissa Collins-Porter, the creator of the project funded by Kickstarter, asked disability experts to become involved and will have participants with ASD discuss their personal experiences in an effort to provide a nuanced portrayal of ASD that viewers will easily understand. Despite the challenges that have arisen during the making of the film, she believes that the broad scope of the subject matter can be refined, enabling it to potentially initiate a dialogue amongst stakeholders.

Melissa Collins-Porter

Melissa Collins-Porter

Source: Melissa Collins-Porter: Kickstarter, Aging Out