September 10, 2016

Autism in North America is said to have risen highly in the past twenty years. One out of every 160 children born in Canada will eventually be diagnosed with Autism, with boys being five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. The causes of autism based on research seem to begin during the early stages of brain development; by being caused by both genetic and environmental factors. It symptoms begin to materialize at the ages of between two and three.

Researchers dealing with Autism today from the Toronto Centre have decided to follow families who already have an autistic. They have determined that 28% of boys and 8% of girls born into such families will develop some form of this disorder. These children will set off red flags or early signs associated with this syndrome. These include poor acquisition of normal speech patterns and use of gestures, lack of eye contact , failure to match expressions with adults , lack of playfulness associated with children their age.

Doctors in Canada are being encouraged to carry out regular checkups on such children and keep a keen eye on the Autism Observation Scale. The reason for this is that research has shown that early intervention make a whole lot of difference. Early interventions with behavioral therapies can greatly improve outcomes for children.

Many parents are experiencing reduced symptoms of Autism in their children when Gluten and Casein are removed from their diets, dietary strategies such as modified Atkins type diet or sugar and milk free diets. Some parents are having better luck when they add Vitamins , minerals and glycol nutrients back into these children’s diets. Several mothers are using Alberta based firm Autism Today to learn more about autism due to the various workshops that they provide. They carry out programs one of which is an unbiased study of glycol nutrients on a predetermined group of children with Autism.

The Autism Society of Canada provides resources and lists of possible funding across Canada. Still as in the USA, several parents in Canada who have had difficulty waiting for government funded services, have resorted to going online and looking for doctor driven websites that offer assistance to parents and care givers. They allow access to live chats and forums in order for these parents to access information.

Autism Speaks is an organization that has spread its wings and it is helping parents deal with Autism today in Canada. It funds biomedical research thus increasing public awareness, education and other extension services such as training. They periodically organize events and publish several useful and informative articles on the subject. Through the use of this, caregivers have been given an opportunity to help these children learn basic social skills , network with specialists such as speech therapists, and licensed speech pathologists who teach the children how to enunciate there vowels and consonants.
Occupational therapist are also becoming a common occurrence in households dealing with Autism today in Canada. Some work part time while others work in house. They offer guidance and help parents and care givers deal with the routine of everyday life and tasks especially for those approaching adult hood.

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