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March 19, 2015

Image taken from the Infiniteach Facebook page
Image taken from the Infiniteach Facebook page

Chicago — A learning platform created by a Chicago-based start-up company won $10,000 at the Google-Autism Speaks Pitch contest.

The competition was made through a collaboration by Google and Autism Speaks, and was launched to give recognition to applications developed by autism app companies.

Autism Speaks Vice President for Innovative Technologies Dan Smith said:

“Our pitch competition is meant to stimulate the development of novel technologies that improve quality of life and address the needs of people with autism. [The prize money] can make a real difference in helping the winning companies get their products to market.”

One of the winning platforms, ‘Infiniteach‘ won the “audience choice” award at the Pitch Playground competition awarding ceremonies held at Google’s Cambridge, Mass. campus last Thursday.

Infiniteach is a learning platform created to help individuals on the autism spectrum develop academic, communication, and daily living skills as well as social skills.

Other winners at the Google-Autism Speaks Pitch competition include PuzzlePiece, a tablet developed to help families teach life skills to children with autism using visual stories that can be personalized. PuzzlePiece won the top prize of $25,000. An app called ‘NODA‘, which was developed to screen red-flagged behaviors in children that suggest autism, won $15,000.

Source: Jim Dallke on the ChicagoInno website: Chicago-Based Infiniteach Wins $$ at the Google-Autism Speaks Pitch Contest

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