Individuals with autism failed by current health system – Royal College of GP’s

UK  – Nikki Fox who is the  health corespondent for the BBC, has highlighted the impact upon parents who care for a child on the autism spectrum.

In the short video shown below, she talks to a mother of a child with autism. This mother describes h0w her son, when only a baby, would stand in his cot banging his head against the wall and that she felt utterly alone.

She also highlights the fact that many parents, such as herself are being failed miserably, as their child is given a label but then no further help.

The BBC state that, ‘Autism  affects more than 600,000 people in the UK but it is often one that can be overlooked.’

The Royal College of GPs have recently launched a training programme for GP’s that hopes to raise awareness surrounding autism, in order to better educate its members.

Source: The BBC News Health website: Autism patients ‘failed by the system’ – Royal College of GPs