Indiana’s Anthem Insurer continue to reduce rates for those on the autism spectrum

Anthem_Blue_Cross_and_Blue_ShieldINDIANA- Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana has announced cuts in payments to autism spectrum disorder therapy and treatment.  In January of 2013 Anthem cut their reimbursements by 40%

Carl Sundberg, executive director of Behavior Analysis Center for Autism said,

” If the rates were cut again, we would have to provide a service that I wouldn’t want to have my name on”.

Indiana was the first state in 2001 to require insurance carriers to cover autism therapy as any other medical condition.

Anthem made changes two years ago stating that anyone 7 and older should get some of their autism spectrum disorder therapy form the public school system. State and Federal laws require public schools to provide therapy for those on the autism spectrum and with special needs.

Anthem has failed to listen to the pleas of many autism therapists.  The number of hours of therapy provided by the public school system does not account for the necessary therapy for those in need.  Therapists are now facing cutting staff and services. Anthem seems to misunderstand the need for therapy for those diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

State and Federal funding in the public school system is not enough.  Many more hours of therapy are required to keep providing the assistance needed for those on the autism spectrum. On average 40 hours per week of intensive therapy can be necessary. Allowing only public school therapy will cut the amount of therapy available to 20 hours a week.

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