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April 13, 2015

Mumbai, India – Medical experts are asking the Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS) to provide information regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in its MBBS syllabus.

With autism rates in Mumbai  soaring dramatically every year, health care professionals argue that the syllabus should contain relevant information pertaining to the disorder in order to facilitate diagnostic procedures regarding ASD. However a significant proportion of paediatricians throughout India do not possess the knowledge of autism to effectively diagnose the disorder resulting in many cases going unreported.

The few physicians who do diagnose children after testing often refer families to various different facilities resulting in a  lack of cohesion with respect to treatment strategies for those who require early intervention. As a result, individuals both in the medical and film making industry are seeking to address the issue with Dr Samir Dalwai of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Arunaraje Patil bringing the problem to the forefront in their respective fields.

Hence Patil has made an 80 minute documentary entitled “Behind the Glass Wall” which chronicles the lack of ASD awareness in India and Dr Dalwai is choosing to speak out regarding the issue stating:

“Finding therapists for such children is difficult… I hope the MUHS will consider our demand, looking at the gravity of the subject.”

Source: Santosh Andhale on the dnaIndia website: Include autism in medical ayllabus, sau health experts



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