Independence Day Clothing: fashion for autism – w/video

ID Clothing

image taken from Independence Day Clothing Facebook page

Independence Day Clothing, New York – Lauren Thierry, is mother to 17-year-old Liam, who has autism. For years she struggled in trying to to help Liam dress independently, with fastening buttons and zippers.

Thierry, who is a former CNN Financial anchor as well as a documentary filmmaker, discovered during the making of “Autism Every Day,” back in 2006, that she was not the only parent going through similar challenges. She therefore decided to go ahead and design clothes specifically for children on the autism spectrum.

At the time she was also aware and concerned about the fact that many children with autism wander, and so therefore she combined her new line of clothing with a GPS tracker device.

Dalila Anderson-Gunn became a business partner as Thierney has no fashion background, and together they came up with their clothing range.  At first the designs were tried out on Liam and then her 13-year-old twins Luke and Jamie, would also give their own seal of approval.

All the clothes are reversible.

Next for the company will be a range of underwear as they have been approached by nursing homes with regards to making a line suitable for Alzheimer and dementia patients.

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Source: Elizabeth Ganga on the news site:  Clothing line for autistic kids eliminates inside outs