Illinois state panel wants to add autism, pain, PTSD to medical marijuana list

Springfield, Ill. — A state panel in Illinois recommended that patients with conditions such as autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and pain conditions be allowed to take medicinal marijuana.

The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory board voted to add to the state’s existing list of ailments that may qualify patients to medicinal marijuana use a number of pain conditions including chronic pain syndrome, intractable pain, chronic postoperative pain, and chronic pain due to trauma, among others.

The state currently has 39 listed qualifying ailments.

The state panel is made up of physicians, nurses, a pharmacist, and a number of patients. They are responsible for recommending which ailments may be added to the state’s existing list of qualifying ailments, but the Department of Heath in Illinois is responsible for giving the approval.

The panel voted to add all eight ailments that came before them to the qualifying list, but just last month, the health department rejected 11 of the conditions recommended by the panel, on grounds that the state is not yet ready to expand the medicinal marijuana market before the drugs even reach the market, as told by Ill Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Director Joseph Wright took the same stand. He told:

“The Department must ensure that patients are receiving medical cannabis in a safe and effective manner under the current regulatory framework. The Department will evaluate aspects of the program that can be improved upon as the program becomes more developed. Interested individuals may still submit petitions regarding diseases or conditions to the Department for consideration by the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.”

According to a state official, patients in Illinois who have been approved to use medical marijuana should start receiving their patient IDs by the end of October. State Deputy Director for Health Promotion Conny Moody says these ID cards are plastic laminated cards that resemble driver’s licenses, and will contain the patient’s name, address, photo, patient number, and will feature a watermark.

Source: Chicago Tribune: State panel recommends adding pain, autism, PTSD to medical pot list