Homeless man helps police locate missing teen with autism – With Video

Garden Grove, CA – A homeless man assisted law enforcement officials to locate a teenage boy with autism spectrum disorder who had wandered away from a nearby shopping plaza.

Ian Hinton, a 37 year old man who lives on the streets, had initially been asked by a police officer if he had seen Charles Truong. Truong had been with his mother on Tuesday when he wandered away which resulted in a 5 hour search for him being mounted throughout the local area. Hence while searching, the law enforcement official turned to Hinton who is well-known to the police in hopes of locating the teen in question.

The homeless man hadn’t seen Truong but ultimately spotted him hours later on the Garden Grove intersection where the youngster appeared to be in distress. Hinton thus asked several passersby for assistance, yet only one woman agreed to help him contact the police. Now, both he and woman who helped him will be honoured at an upcoming ceremony where they will have dinner with the Garden Grove Police chief.

However despite being hailed a hero, Hinton humbly brushes off the praise that he has received arguing that he simply did what anyone with a “giving sprit” would have done in light of the circumstances.

Source:Kennedy Ryan and Kareen Wynter on the KTLA 5 news website: Homeless Man Finds Missing Teen With Autism in Garden Grove