Grand Bahama Port Authority Joins REACH in autism education efforts

autismFreeport, Grand Bahama – The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GPBA) has joined REACH Grand Bahama in its efforts to educate more people about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The GPBA recently handed its donation to REACH Grand Bahama and has vowed to support the organization’s efforts to enrich the lives of individuals in the community who are affected by ASD.

Valerie Seymour, Chairperson for REACH Grand Bahama, thanked the GPBA for its support. She told:

“We were really pleased to get this donation because the funds that we get from the community is used to provide training to parents and teachers and professionals with regards to Autism and what it is, how to deal with the various behaviors that come about.”

According to Seymour, REACH plans to conduct seminars and training about autism at least three to four times yearly. Michael McGinty of the Florida Atlantic University will be conducting the seminars for the Grand Bahama community this year.

Seymour added that REACH Grand Bahama is looking forward for other companies and institutions in the island to contribute to their efforts in raising autism awareness as well as helping individuals with ASD in the community. She told:

“We really appreciate this donation and we look forward to other companies and institutions contributing to this effort.”

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