Fundraising by Children with Autism – #A Mile For Autism

Taken from the 'A Mile For Autism' Facebook page

Taken from the ‘A Mile For Autism’ Facebook page

STOCKTON, UK – For any student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder there are very few fundraising events that they can participate in.  Charlotte Hall, a mother of two autistic sons, Oliver and Ted. aged five and six, decided to organize a fundraising activity that they could participate in.

During the process, Charlotte found that many other families wanted to be involved. As a result, there were scores of families from across the country taking part. Her event, Mile for Autism, was so popular that she plans to make it an annual event.

Oliver and Ted, and all of the individuals who participated,  found that it was enjoyable to raise  funds.  Every person with autism  is different, and so taking advantage of this, participants were able to decide how they wanted  to raised funds.

Charlotte told Gazette Live:

“People came up with some amazing ideas. One girl walked an Alpaca a mile.”

A Mile for Autism took place on July 20, raising 3,000 euros.  Participating for a charity like Ambitious about Autism helps to promote a better understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorders for everyone that participated. Each participant was encouraged to post a photo of themselves on their social media pages and to make a text donation to  Ambitious about Autism, using the hashtag #AMileForAutism.

The original article by Lindsey Sampson on the Gazette Live website can be found here