Founder of Bristol Autism Support given award by Prime Minister David Cameron

supportBristol, UK – Founder of Bristol Autism Support and mother to a child with autism, has received high praise from Prime Minister David Cameron.

In 2012 Kate Laine-Toner set up Bristol Autism Support. This is a support group that helps families affected by autism. Ms Laine-Toner’s daughter Emily, was diagnosed with autism at two and-a-half. Emily is now 5 and attends a specialist school.

“As Emily was so young, we did not know what was going to happen – where she would go to school, or where she would work.

“But I learned there’s an incredible amount of support for parents of autistic children in Bristol. I learned how incredibly important it is for parents of autistic children to talk to each other.”

500 people are members of the support group’s Facebook page.

Ms Laine-Toner has now received a Points of Light award that highlights “outstanding” volunteers around the country.

Ms Laine-Toner told the Bristol Post that she set the group up as many families affected by autism feel isolated. The group allows members to ‘chat’ to each other via its Facebook page, as well as being able to catch up with each other in meetings held throughout the city.

The group is funded via private donations and grants from charities.

Source:Mark Cardwell: Bristol Post: Autism support group founder Kate Laine-Toner gets award from PM David Cameron