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April 27, 2015

Fixation is one of the challenges that children on the autism spectrum face every single day.

For five-year-old Sera Lutes, her fixation on the family’s microwave oven became so hard to deal with that they had to reach out to her teacher for help. Astoundingly, it appeared that it was all the help they needed to address that problem.

According to Sera’s mom, Lisa, their daughter’s obsession with the microwave oven made Sera extremely protective of the household appliance that she didn’t want anyone else to use it. She told:

“She felt like she was this expert So she pressed the buttons every time anyone made anything.”

Whenever Sera felt that someone was about to use the microwave, she would yell unceasingly. Not knowing what to do, they turned to her teacher for help.

After being told of the problem the Lutes family had at hand, Sera’s teacher started drawing simple pictures that showed what Sera does when she’s feeling upset about someone using the microwave. To the family’s surprise, Sera immediately showed improvement— the drawings somehow helped her understand what the situation was like in other people’s perspective.

They were so amazed about how the simple drawings were able to help Sera improve that had they decided to create books that to help other children with autism the same way. Lisa told:

“We are hoping it will help them get a perspective on other people’s feelings about the situations that they are putting them in. It’s not just them being upset about the microwave. It affects the whole family in all these situations. We want some sort of teaching aid to show them this is how everyone else feels when you do this.”

The book, don’t push the buttons on the microwave : an autism social story can be purchased here

Source: Adam Kveton on the Ottawa Community News website: Girl’s microwave fixation inspires book for kids with autism

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