Félix-Leclerc school finally allows student with autism to attend graduation – w/video

screenshot taken from CBC News Montreal

screenshot taken from CBC News Montreal

Montreal, Canada — The Félix-Leclerc school in Montreal finally said it will allow 17-year-old student Trevor Jackson, who has autism, to attend the school’s graduation ceremony.

Félix-Leclerc initially said Trevor will not be invited to the school’s graduation rites even though he had completed all the objectives set for his special needs program.

The school originally said Trevor will not be attending graduation rites at the school due to the fact that he will not be receiving an academic diploma, and despite the fact that he had already completed all four years in high school.

Trevor’s mom, Maryse Savoie, was outraged by the school’s initial decision, which sparked intense media attention.

The Marguerite Bourgeoys School Board initially said that it would review its policy regarding its graduation rites, but Maryse received a call from the Félix-Leclerc school principal shortly after that, informing her that they’ve decided to invite Trevor to the school’s graduation ceremony.

In an interview with CBC, she told:

“We’re very happy… It’s too bad that we had to go so far to make this happen.”

Savoie, who said she has been fighting all her life, hoping for her son not to be excluded, added:

“I think they can be an inspiration for others. It’s an opportunity missed by the schools to give an example to other students. It’s important to include people who are different.”

Source: CBC News Montreal: Félix-Leclerc school backs down, will allow Trevor Jackson to attend graduation